javascript check if key exists in object

var person={"name":"Billy","age":20}
person.hasOwnProperty("name"); // true
person.hasOwnProperty("sex"); // falseif (obj.hasOwnProperty("key1")) {
}"key" in obj // true, regardless of the actual valuevar obj = { key: undefined };
obj["key"] !== undefined // false, but the key exists!"key" in obj // true, regardless of the actual value

If you want to check if a key doesn't exist, remember to use parenthesis:
!("key" in obj) // true if "key" doesn't exist in object
!"key" in obj   // ERROR!  Equivalent to "false in obj"

Or, if you want to particularly test for properties of the object instance (and not inherited properties), use hasOwnProperty:
obj.hasOwnProperty("key") // true

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