variables in js

//choose the best for your solution
var myVariable = 22; //this can be a string or number. var is globally defined

let myVariable = 22; //this can be a string or number. let is block scoped

const myVariable = 22; //this can be a string or number. const is block scoped and can't be reassignedvar Number = 5;
var String = "Hi!";
var boolen1 = true;
var boolen2 = false;
var array = [11, "Hi!", true];
var object = {age:11, speach:"Hi!", likes_Bananas:true};var Hello = "World";
let bool = false;
const int = 8788;	Variables can have anything, you define them as equal to something
    eg:   var x = 22
    var statement = 'hello!'
    var isAbool = true 
    there are three types of variables:
1. var 
2. let
3. const 

var is a normal variable
let is a variable whose value can be changed eg: let h = 12, h = 10(we changed the value, if you run this, there will be no error)
const is a variable whose value cannot be changed, if you change the value of a const, you will have errors in you code//You can make a variable by using:
var variable-name = 'defenition of the variable';
// Or you can use
let variable-name = 'defenition of the variable';var one = 1; // variable stores numeric value

var two = 'two';  // variable stores string value

var three;  // declared a variable without assigning a value


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