java string to integer

	String number = "10";
	int result = Integer.parseInt(number);			
Copyclass Scratch{
    public static void main(String[] args){
        String str = "50";
        System.out.println( Integer.parseInt( str ));   // Integer.parseInt()
}int result = Integer.parseInt(number);import;

int foo = Optional.ofNullable(myString)
 .orElse(0)String toBeParsed = "15";
int parsedString = Integer.parseInt(String.valueOf(toBeParsed));
/*this makes the integer value of parsedString the number held
in the string toBeParsed*/
/*Side note: you will have to import java.lang.String to be
able to use Integer.parseInt() and String.valeOf() */String example = "1";
int converted = Integer.parseInt(example);