java type casting

// You can typecast to convert a variable of one data type to another.
// Wide Casting converts small data types to larger ones.
// Narrow Casting converts large data types to smaller ones.
// Java can automatically Wide Cast.
// Java will throw an error when trying to automatically Narrow Cast.
// This is because data is often lost when Narrow Casting.
// Narrow Casting must be done manually.

//Wide Cast:
int SomeNumber = 5;
double WideCastedNumber = (double)SomeNumber;

//Narrow Cast:
double SomeNumber = 5.39;
int NarrowCastedNumber = (int)SomeNumber;
//Note: The data that holds the decimal places will be lost!public class MyClass {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    double myDouble = 9.78;
    int myInt = (int) myDouble; // Manual casting: double to int

    System.out.println(myDouble);   // Outputs 9.78
    System.out.println(myInt);      // Outputs 9


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