gatsbyjs shop flotiq

// in your gatsby-config.js in root of the project

module.exports = {
  // ...
  plugins: [
      resolve: "gatsby-source-flotiq",		  
        options: {
            baseUrl: process.env.GATSBY_FLOTIQ_BASE_URL,
            authToken: process.env.GATSBY_FLOTIQ_API_KEY,
            forceReload: false, //(optional)
            includeTypes: ['contettype1', 'contettype2', ... ], //(optional) List of used contenttypes identified by API Name. If ommitted, all content types will be synchronized. Make sure to include all referenced content types as well
            objectLimit: 100000, //optional, limit total number of objects downloaded for every type
            singleFetchLimit: 1000, //optional, limit the number of objects downloaded in single api call. Min: 1, Max 5000, Default 1000
            maxConcurrentDataDownloads: 10, //optional, limit the number of concurrent api calls. Default: 10, Min: 1, Max: 50
            timeout: 5000, //optional
            resolveMissingRelations: true, //optional, if the limit of objects is small some of the objects in relations could not be obtained from server, it this option is true they will be obtained as the graphQL queries in project would be resolved, if false, the missing object would resolve to null
            downloadMediaFile: false //optional, should media files be cached and be available for gatsby-image and gatsby-sharp
  // ...

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