get attribute value jquery

/* html */
<a data-id="123">link</a>

/* js */
$(this).attr("data-id") // returns string "123"

$(this).data("id") // returns number 123 (jQuery >= 1.4.3 only)var some_var = $( some_jquery_selector ).attr( 'some_attribute_name' );$input.attr("attributeName", "attributeValue");$( some_item ).attr( "id", "some-id" );
// for setting multiple attributes, it's similar to the css() property. However, quotes are not always required for attr()
$( some_item ).attr({
  id: "some-id",
  // or others.
  title: "Opens in a new window",
  // attributes which contain dash(-), should be covered in quotes.
  "data-value": "internal link"

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