how to close tab by javascript

// IF you use in a button
<button onclick="window.close();">Exit</button>
// if you use in function
function closeWin() {
  myWindow.close();   // Closes the new window
// But it will only work when you open a window through your code like this
function openWin() {
  myWindow ="", "myWindow", "width=200, height=100");   // Opens a new window
// You can't close the current window that was open by browser. beacuse browser don't give permission for this//You are able to close a browser tab with an index.html page
//The code below from lines 3-13 are from the index.html page, it redirects you to another page
<!DOCTYPE html>

    <script type="text/javascript">"/folderDirectory/example.php"); 

//The code below is from the example.php
  });//jquery is used to make the user click the button to exit 

//The code below should be placed in the html body, it is a button that closes the window when the user clicks on it
<button style="border: none;" >Exit</button>

Writing this on 24 Dec 2020. Tried almost all the things available on google, but none of them worked in Chrome browser.'','_self').close() works for IE.

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