JavaScript append HTML

var div = document.getElementById('myElementID');
div.innerHTML += "Here is some more data appended";//create and append element
 var node = document.createElement("LI");                 // Create a <li> node

 var textnode = document.createTextNode("Water");         // Create a text node

 node.appendChild(textnode);                              // Append the text to <li>

     let app = document.querySelector('#app');
app.append('append() Text Demo');

console.log(app.textContent);const parent = document.createElement('div');
const child = document.createElement('p');
// Appending Node Objects
parent.append(child) // Works fine
parent.appendChild(child) // Works fine
// Appending DOMStrings
parent.append('Hello world') // Works fine
parent.appendChild('Hello world') // Throws error
let parent = document.createElement("div")
parent.append("Some text")

console.log(parent.textContent) // "Some text"var element = document.getElementById("div1");
element.insertBefore(para, element.firstChild);

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