object object javascript

Object.values(obj)person = {
    'name':'john smith'

//this will return [object Object]
//insteadlet car = {
  		name: "BMW",
  		colour: "black",
  		year: "2020",
  		owner: {
		names = ["Andy" , "Steve" , "Tony" ]
};[object Object]
	This means that your programming interpreter doesn't support showing
	JSON parsers somewhere, and has resorted to the default object representation
	behavior (see below).
	Behavior: [object CLASS]
	Since it's an object, well: [object Object]
	This is most commonly seen in a depraved, deranged state in objects
    ingrained into text. We still haven't really devised a prophecy
    about why it still happens in some places. Either JavaScript likes to
    be vexing by being "open" aka adding unnecessary steps, or JavaScript
    has something like security issues related to its code/some other
    predicament retaining and pertaining.
*/var	person = {
	first_name : "Marty",
  	last_name : "Mcfly",
	born : 1968,
	died : 1933,
    lovers: ["Jennifer Parker","Baines McFly"]
};const object = {
  something: "something";

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