Main features of php

Main Features of php:
1. Simple - It is very simple and easy to use, compare to other scripting language it is very simple and easy, this is widely used all over the world.
2. Interpreted - It is an interpreted language, i.e. there is no need for compilation.
3. Faster - It is faster than other scripting language e.g. asp and jsp.
4. Open Source - Open source means you no need to pay for use php, you can free download and use.
5. Platform Independent - PHP code will be run on every platform, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Windows.
6. Database Support - PHP supports all the leading databases such as MySQL, SQLite, ODBC, etc.
7. Web servers Support - PHP is compatible with almost all local servers used today like Apache, Netscape, Microsoft IIS, etc.
8. Case Sensitive - PHP is case sensitive scripting language at time of variable declaration. In PHP, all keywords (e.g. if, else, while, echo, etc.), classes, functions, and user-defined functions are NOT case-sensitive.
9. Error Reporting - PHP have some predefined error reporting constants to generate a warning or error notice.
10. Real-Time Access Monitoring - PHP provides access logging by creating the summary of recent accesses for the user.
11. Loosely Typed Language - PHP supports variable usage without declaring its data type. It will be taken at the time of the execution based on the type of data it has on its value.
12. Helpful PHP Community -It has a large community of developers who regularly updates documentation, tutorials, online help, and FAQs. Learning PHP from the communities is one of the significant benefits.

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